The Perfect Forgery

Which is real?

Self Initiated Project (brief). This is a research/experimental project inspired by my dissertation research. In response to the project title, I wanted to experiment with the value of money and the reputation of brands. Besides, this research project is consist of investigations in youth behaviors such as teen consumerism and their attitude in fashion.


The main focus of this project aims at the consumption behavior of teenagers and their attitude in buying fashion goods. Teenagers like myself would spend hundreds and thousands of pounds to buy the latest items from designer brands. It appears to me that the value of money has been obliterated in the eyes of youth culture in street fashion. I wanted to create a fashion item that has no value in it, then brand it with the current design trends and try selling it to these teenagers that are blinded with money. Tricking them into buying an item that materialized to be popular and rare, except it is a replica of the real item.


But would you be able to tell the differences?



T-shirt size - M 5/8

Chest width - 22"

Sleeve Length 18" 1/4