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Archive & Research Exhibition at Kingston University London Penrhyn Road Campus, 2018

Archives and Research (brief). Using the objects and artifacts that you have seen as the content, produce a piece of communication which does one or more of the following: Record, Identify, Inform, Instruct, Promote.


In response to the title of this project, I began to pick out objects that interested me from the archive collection – The head portraits of Kingston University staff in the 1970s.


The most interesting thing about the photographs is the colors and the expression in their faces. The outcome of my project is a promotional method to draw people’s attention to reading my publication and to find out more about the archive itself. This publication is aiming at students around all campuses, the unusual faces that I have selected are to be used to attract people into picking up my publication. People are more interested in looking at weird/funny/unusual things more than publication with just texts. Each of my publication features different portraits/photographs. They are located on the front of the publication and can be used as a post-card or to stick it on your wall.




Size - 150 x 210mm

Paper type - Cartridge paper 120gsm

Binding Method - Fold

Black & White


Size - 133 x 185mm

Paper type - Coated cards 200gsm