Bauhaus 100

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Curriculums of The Art Schools

The Art School Curriculums

In celebration of the 100th year of Bauhaus, it is interesting to compare the differences of art schools in the Bauhaus period and now. How design movements in the art school have changed throughout the 100 years, from teaching to learning; exploring the different teaching methods and curriculums.


The poster designs are combinations of the art school curriculums in 1919 and in 2019, a reflection on the particular contrasting properties of forms, colors, and materials. On the other hand, The publications describe what the Bauhaus curriculum wheel was and how it is different now in Kingston School of Art. Besides, you will be able to create your own posters of what the art school curriculum is based on your studies.



Poster Size - 594x841mm

Poster Paper - Cartridge paper 200gsm

Booklet size - 148x210mm

Booklet paper - Cartridge paper 100gsm

Binding method: Staple Bound

Poster template size - 105x148mm